Monday, 30 December 2013

Love at one side

Yeah, I finally have to accept
That it was and it is at only one side
No matter how much I wait and long for it
It is not going to change
My LOVE, It will never change
It will always remain at one side

I had confessed it a long back
Before two years or more
And I had believed
I deserve to anticipate in return
The same thing which I give thou

But I was proved wrong
By the time or my fate or thou
I don't know whom to point at
Why to blame anybody else
For the thing I was made to learn
that there is always something or someone
Labeled as 'you can't have'

I never feel sympathy on myself
Neither I curse myself for the fall
Nor I am regretting thinking about the past
Instead I thank the Lord
And I greet myself
For having got an experience to go through

The pain and hurt I was given enough
Have made me strong, more to be like a stone
The insult that came running my behind
Has taken away all my shame
In turn making me bold
Killing my old soul at it's end
The journey of LOVE gave me a rebirth

Let it be the way it is, at one side
Let it keep flowing like a river
Which always flows in one direction
Towards it's destiny
And never expects anything to come back
My LOVE is also a river
It will keep flowing beyond the time and space

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